Beacon Kitchens - Buyer beware!
This was such a bad experience we had to dedicate an entire web page to it!
They have a great brochure that they mail out probably by the thousands through out the Chicago Land area a few times a year.
Its a nice fold out illustrating all the great things they can do for your aging or out of date kitchen.
Wow! Check this statement from their brochure!
Again For over 58 years - Honesty - Quality - Excellent results!
Could we be the first unsatisfied customer?
It is stated very strongly in their flyer "100% satisfaction and service guaranteed". But they won't attempt to work out a satisfaction agreement with us. Nor will they answer the Better Business Letter sent to them three months ago. Is this customer satisfaction? Seems that if they truly believe in Customer satisfaction they would jump on any Better Business contact and do what ever they have to to correct the situation. But they have not!

Beacon was excited to have a project that didn't already have walls in place. This allowed them to exercise their creativity.
Beacon happily agreed to work with our designer knowing that he was in North Carolina. They called him once that first week after we signed the contract and gave them half their money. Their next contact was a couple of months after that and only after I stomped into their store front upset because of the lack of progress.
The design they came up with looked OK to us (what do we know?) but our designer found a lot of problems with it. All Beacon would do is argue all his points and implied being insulted.

Their contracts states that we would receive working drawings, elevations, prospective renderings, price itemization etc. Obviously that would happen after developing a workable design which didn't happen. We did not receive any of these items. (NOTE: The hand written changes to the contract where made by Beacon.)
We offered them an opportunity to keep us as satisfied customers by helping design a built in for the study and apply the amount paid towards that unit (as indicated in the contract "It is understood that the service charge for the above shall be applied as part of the down payment on any cabinet or remodeling contract" They did not agree to live up to this portion of the contract either.
In our own words they took us for a ride! Don't let this happen to you!

Two lessons here! Don't employ a square thinker for a round project and check and recheck the companies references no matter how great they appear or what they say in word or print.
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